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Stem & Cole is an experienced, passionate and persistent legal team offering services to clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  We offer free phone consultations which give you a chance to see if and how our firm can be of help to you.

Located in Hunterdon County, we are also convenient to Warren and Mercer counties in New Jersey and Bucks and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania.  We treat each individual with respect and dignity.

We provide personal service when clients most need it. Our practice includes all areas of family law, estates and estate planning, criminal law, bankruptcy, personal injury, commercial litigation, real estate, zoning, immigration, landlord/tenant, and workers’ compensation.

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Stem and Cole, please contact us.  We schedule evening or weekend appointments to accommodate our clients’ schedules.

Things You Should Consider Today

Buying or Selling a Home:

Even if you did not make the deadline for the first time buyer credit, it is still a buyer’s market.  If you are selling or buying, we can help you through the process.

Saving Your Home:

If you are behind on your mortgage, you have several options. One is to restructure your loan with the lender through Federal and State mandated programs. Another is Chapter 13 re-organization. You may also be able to re-finance.  Call us to see which one will work for you.

Dealing With Debt:

Many people who get behind on their bills will work with consolidation companies who charge fees and don’t deliver what they promise.  Many others will borrow against their homes and reduce their equity when they do not need to.  Avoid these problems.  Talk to us first.  If you are already in debt consolidation, you do not need to continue.  Talk to us about your options.


Many contractors whether they are in construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. fail to follow the numerous technical requirements of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Laws. What seem like mere technicalities, will cause you to lose in court because Courts insist on strict compliance.  This can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars by making their hard earned money uncollectable.  This issue is increasingly relevant to you in the current economy because more people are in financial trouble, which will make it more likely that you will have to sue them.  When this happens you will need to have your contracts in compliance to collect your money.

Planning For Seniors; The Sooner, The Better

The best time to consider asset preservation for your senior years and for your heirs is now because you have the best chance to make it past the time frames when you are subject to liens on your property and ineligibility for Medicaid and other services.  Life insurance and long term care insurance also become more expensive as you get older.  The sooner you start planning the easier it will be.