Criminal Law

Frequently Asked Questions

I was caught with drugs in my car and/or on my person, will I lose my license, go to jail?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to avoid prison and losing your license.

Is there any alternative to jail?

There are many alternatives to jail which are available for all but the most serious offenses.  These include probation,  pre-trial intervention, drug court and various other diversionary programs.

I was arrested for shoplifting, will I go to jail?

On a first offense, you are unlikely to go to jail.

I was arrested for assaulting a person, will I go to jail?

On a first offense for a minor fight, probably not.  If weapons are involved or the other person’s injuries are serious, you should be more concerned and consult an attorney immediately.

I was arrested for writing a bad check; will I pay a fine, go to jail?

For a first offense, probably not.  Otherwise, call an attorney.