Frequently Asked Questions

I was injured on the job, how can get help with my bills?

You should receive payments from your employers’ insurance carrier.  If they dispute your claim, there is no immediate solution.  Your best bet is to file a worker’s compensation petition as soon as possible.

Can my employer fire me if I file a Workers Compensation claim?

Absolutely not.  If they do, you can sue them.

I was injured in an accident through no fault of my own, how can I get my bills paid?

There is no immediate solution to this problem.  Better to file suit as soon as possible to minimize your wait.

If I file a personal injury claim, will my medical providers be paid from any monies I receive?

Yes.  Many providers will insist on a guarantee to this effect so that you can continue treatment while your case is pending.

At the time of settlement on my personal injury claim, do they consider future rehabilitation and/or permanent loss?

Yes.  Most of the money that you get will be based on these issues.

We are a medical provider; we are not getting paid, can you help?

Yes, we represent providers against insurers in all contexts including arbitration, ERISA suits, collection suits against insurance companies, collection suits against patients and workers’ compensation petitions.