Frequently Asked Questions

If I file bankruptcy will I be able to keep my house, car, and personal belongings?

In most instances yes, but you need to speak with an attorney for your individual needs.

What debt cannot be listed in bankruptcy?

Alimony, Child Support, Student Loans, judgments for fraud or intentional injuries.

How long will the process take?

Typically three months for Chapter 7.

Will my creditors continue to harass me?

Creditors, upon learning of your bankruptcy filing, can no longer contact you.  All pending court action against you will stop immediately.

What if I want to pay my debt but financially I am not able?

Individuals can file Chapter 13 and restructure your debt. Businesses may file Chapter 11 to reorganize their debt.

Will bankruptcy hurt my credit rating?

This is not an issue because people with significant debt are already unable to borrow money or will pay high interest rates.  Chapter 7 will give you a zero balance immediately.  Then take control of your situation, maintain a job, pay your bills on time, and keep a bank balance.  Accumulate savings instead of paying interest for several more years.  This will re-establish your credit sooner than carrying your current debt for several more years down the road.